Malaysian people are spending less and less time in the kitchen preparing meals and this is because we have very busy lifestyles. We are rushing to get to work every day and we are taking work home with us as well. This leaves us very little time to cook. The same applies to working mothers and we just need something that will help us with this. One great appliance that can help us prepare meals faster is the rice cooker, but as well as cooking rice, it can do so many other things that we Malaysians may not be aware of.

There is a saying that once you try to cook your white, brown, jasmine or basmati rice in a rice cooker, that you will never go back to the old way of cooking your rice in the traditional pot over the stove. With the pot, there is a little bit of guess work as to whether the rice is ready or not, but with a rice cooker, you can be sure that it is and it’s going to be delicious. Many young people in Malaysia are only beginning to cook for themselves now and so need to learn more about the Cuckoo rice cooker that can change their lives forever. As well as cooking rice, here are some of the other things that you can do with your Cuckoo rice cooker.

  1. A rice cooker can prepare a hot breakfast for your like oatmeal for example. All you need to do is to put a little less milk in there or water and then add some fruit or other things to fill you up. The rice cooker ha a keep warm feature and this is perfect for Malaysian households where the family all wake up at different times.
  1. Many rice cookers also come with a steamer rack and this allows you to cook other foods like vegetables, tofu, shrimp, fish or chicken when you are cooking your rice as well. This saves you time and money because you are not using a separate pot for your other things. This will help reduce your electricity bill and you can use the extra money to get yourself something sweet.
  1. The rice cooker is perfect for people who enjoy a good stew or casserole. It will prepare your dishes that need lots of time to simmer and let all the flavours mix in. It won’t boil over, so you don’t have to keep an eye on it while it cooks. It will then keep the food hot until you are ready to serve it.
  1. We love our fruit in Malaysia and the rice cooker is perfect for poaching all the different kinds of fruit that we have here. You can make apple sauce or other fruit sauces very easily with your rice cooker.

So, as you can see, you can use your Cuckoo rice cooker to cook all your favourite rice, but you can also do so many other things with it. It is the perfect appliance to have in any modern Malaysian home.